Our  Services

CITRON offers a wide range of services for fulfilling fundraising and communications needs of its NGO partners. We believe in giving strategic inputs tailored to the needs, values and business plan of the organization.

Our aim is to support our partners build sustainable organizations, thus making a real and lasting change in the communities they work in.

Our  services can be broadly categorized as :

Fundraising can be cumbersome task for NGOs. You might be doing a stellar job within your areas of focus but without funds to allocate day to day operations can be a struggle for small and mid-sized NGOs. Hence, many a times a worthy cause dies a premature death due to lack of strategic efforts for increasing funds..

Here CITRON can make a difference. We work with you to strengthen your revenue strategies. We specialize in developing and executing effective plans based on our understanding of the unique needs of your organization in terms of its mission, values and stakeholders. We aim to meet your long- term and short –term funding needs.

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Your mission can change the world, but getting donors, advocates and participants to connect with it can be tricky. It takes intelligent communications to get people on board. This is where CITRON comes in. We provide professional guidance on brand differentiation, crafting simple & effective messages and creating campaigns that move people to take action.

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