We offer a flexible service model, specifically designed to meet the needs and culture of the organizations we serve. The level of service provided can range from consultation on specific projects to full-time assistance with fee structures that match the recommended model.

We design successful initiatives that build a foundation for future efforts, implementing systems and best practices that result in long-term sustainable measures for effective branding as well as fundraising.

Our professionals bring energy, flexibility, intelligence, a strong work ethic, and a desire to succeed and make a difference. You can avail expertise of a professional at fraction of the costs it would take to hire them in-house.

We work in partnership with the organizations. We serve to help identify and clarify challenges and opportunities and provide solid recommendations/strategies and support, that are scalable and grounded in achievable goals.

You and your employees are busy. Busy doing what you do best. Fundraising and Communications are time- consuming activities. Therefore, while you focus on your work reaching out to wider group of beneficiaries, we do these jobs for you, thereby increasing the cost effectiveness. We price for small nonprofit organization’s budgets.